Past Sessions

Session I – Biblical Foundation to Charity

Featuring Steve Corbett, co-author of When Helping Hurts

About When Helping Hurts: Churches and individual Christians typically have faulty assumptions about the causes of poverty, resulting in the use of strategies that do considerable harm to poor people and themselves. Don’t let this happen to you, your ministry or ministries you help fund! A must read for anyone who works with the poor or in missions, When Helping Hurts provides foundational concepts, clearly articulated general principles and relevant applications. The result is an effective and holistic ministry to the poor, not a truncated gospel.

Session I was hosted by Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church on January 25, 2014

Session II – Effective Charity Methodologies

Featuring Robert Lupton, author of Toxic Charity

About Toxic Charity: Veteran urban activist Robert Lupton reveals the shockingly toxic effects that modern charity has upon the very people meant to benefit from it. Toxic Charity provides proven new models for charitable groups who want to help—not sabotage—those whom they desire to serve. Now, in the vein of Jeffrey Sachs’s The End of Poverty, Richard Stearns’s The Hole in Our Gospel, and Gregory Boyle’s Tattoos on the Heart, his groundbreaking Toxic Charity shows us how to start serving needy and impoverished members of our communities in a way that will lead to lasting, real-world change.

Session II was hosted by Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church on March 3, 2014

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