“Faith, hope and charity…”
Charity is foundational to the Christian faith. We are taught to show compassion, shelter the homeless, feed the hungry and clothe the poor.
But what if we’ve been doing it wrong?

Is it possible that our well-intentioned charity tramples human dignity, destroys the will to work and fosters dependence?
What if we’re actually hurting those we’re trying to help?

Rescuing Charity is a collaborative educational series for individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations involved in serving under-resourced populations. The series is designed to:
  • Examine the biblical foundation for charity
  • Challenge traditional methods and motives for giving
  • Stimulate collaborative dialogue that leads to creative, effective and sustainable solutions.

Rescuing Charity. Be part of the solution.

Session III - The Price of "Bad Charity"

Featuring a panel discussion with Beyond Borders

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Cokesbury United Methodist Church (North Campus)
9915 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922

What’s the harm in charity if the intent is good? Haitians Guyto Desrosiers, Alina Cajust, Manasse Rosemond and Roberts LeBlanc will share their experience on the receiving end of “bad charity.” Join them and their Beyond Borders colleagues Meagan Silencieux and Coleen Hedglin for a powerful and interactive discussion.



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Rescuing Charity is a collaborative effort made possible by these sponsor organizations who share a commitment to serving under-resourced individuals in our community and beyond. For more information on any of these organizations, please click their logo.


About the Panel

Child Protection Coordinator, Guyto Desrosiers oversees program implementation and provides direct supervision to field staff. He also serves as a primary liaison with community leaders and interagency working groups. Mr. Desrosiers holds a degree in Communications from the Faculté des Sciences Humaines in Haiti and previously worked as a graphic designer with the Centre Haïtien de Communication, and as a community development organizer in his home community.

Trainer / Social Animator, Roberts McJirony Leblanc, trains members of community based organizations in child protection mobilization and evaluation tools, including the Education is a Conversation Child Rights training module and Open Space Technology; Mr. Leblanc holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the Faculté des Sciences Humaines (Université d’Etat d’Haïti).

Social Animator / Trainer, Manasse Rosemond trains, monitors and supervises the work of Education is a Conversation Child Rights training facilitators, supports the creation and training of Child Protection Committees, and accompanies the committees in implementing local child protection initiatives. Mr. Rosemond also coordinates evaluation of community mobilization efforts. He is a trained primary school teacher and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Faculty Human Sciences, and is preparing to graduate later this year.

Adult Survivor Animator, Alina Cajuste, brings her passion and life experience to leading the development of an advocacy network of adult survivors of restavèk. Ms. Cajuste is an experienced facilitator, storyteller and poet. and leverages personal experience to facilitate healing dialogue for small groups of survivors of restavèk. She is also a veteran member of KOFAVIV (Women’s Victims Coalition for Victims) and volunteers providing accompaniment and support to survivors of sexual abuse.

Meagan Silencieux, Co-Haiti Representative, based in Haiti, joined BB in 2012 and provides strategic leadership in Haiti to ensure strong support for program staff and the creation of sustainable structures. She is responsible for financial oversight and program administration of all BB partnerships and programs, and technical assistance in program planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Mrs. Silencieux moved to Haiti in 2008, and has worked in human rights, advocacy, cultural adaptation and education sectors. She worked for 2 years with Réseau National de Défense des Droits Humaines (RNDDH) conducting human rights monitoring of judicial, carceral, health, police and international NGO systems. Mrs. Silencieux speaks Haitian Kreyòl fluently.

Coleen Hedglin, BB Senior Program Officer, lived and worked in Haiti from 1996 - 2012. She joined the staff of Beyond Borders in 1999, leveraging her degree in education to develop Beyond Borders’ teacher training program, Schools Alive, the Campaign to End Child Slavery, and Beyond Borders’ Child Protection Program. Ms. Hedglin’s years of experience in Haiti have allowed her to cultivate strong relationships with child rights networks and agencies, an in-depth understanding of the culture and Kreyòl language fluency. She is now based at BB’s headquarters in Washington, DC.


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